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Re: Moments that really made you cringe or disliked

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Except it's clearly receiving an incoming phone call -- what did he put up a long discontinued transmission tower out near the barn too?
SilentP wrote: View Post
I can put a sound file on my mobile that makes it sound like someone's hailing me, does that mean I'm tied into the subspace network? Less facetiously, there would have been nothing to stop George from having modifying the programming of the in car phone to tie into whatever civilian communication system there is avaiable on 23rd Century Earth, or just straight up replacing it, only leaving a fascimilie control panel to imitate an actual car phone.
Agreed. And also, we have no idea what sort of communication system really was in the car. Was it truly a fully functional "phone" with the ability to call out and receive calls? Was it more of a "walkie-talkie" intercomm style system just between the home and the car (this would especially make sense if as an antique, the car was more of a showpiece that didn't move much, so the wife could intercomm the car from the other side of the house, etc).

I'd also like to highlight the Beastie Boys song -- not because it's cringeworthy, but if you're going to do that, where was the more classic Planet Rock? Perfect soundtrack to Vulcan getting sucked into a singularity methinks.
I agree Sean, from a "muso" (to quote the British) or thematic point of view, Planet Rock (from Afrika Bombata for those who have no idea what we're talking about) might have been a great fit. But from a commercial point of view, the song didn't make nearly as much money. Commercial success doesn't make a song good, but it does increase the likelihood of it surviving through the years. So Sabotage works on two levels—to a modern audience it is more likely to be recognized as it was a bigger hit, and on an "in story" level as it was the bigger hit, it is more likely to have survived inside whatever archaic car stereo George Kirk salvaged for his car.
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