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Re: The Battlestar Galacticafication of Stargate has began!

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Agreed. I watched nBSG from start to end and, frankly, it's not in human nature to be dark 100 percent of the time.
And the characters of BSG were not. We saw laughing, joking, kidding around, love, sex, friendships. We saw people show bravery in the face of adversity, and hold on to hope. Because characters go through some shitty things (example: your whole civilisation being destroyed) resulting in an ongoing atmosphere of some fear and grief, didn't mean there weren't human or light times on BSG as there would be in reality.

That, however, is exactly what nBSG was dark, hopeless and full of bitching and backstabbers.
No, it wasn't. It might be worth watching it through again. Dark? arguably, yes. It's about the end of the world, what did you expect? But hopeless? No. And with plenty of characters, not least the lead, who were either honourable or tried very hard to be.

If "like BSG" means SGU has half the depth of story, range of characters or realism that BSG had, I'm all for it. The likely other option is Voyager blandness as happened to Atlantis after it's first season. I know which I'd rather see happen.
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