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Re: Is Comcast going to implode?

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Er, all those things point to Comcast actually doing very well. If they can provide shitty service while making you pay through the nose, business is good.

I hate Comcast, but they seem to be doing just fine.
i dont know.
i just turned in my cable box today and for every person getting equpment there were three or more turning stuff in.

around here comcast service has just been awful.
there was a period of time it was like playing roulette whether the channel you wanted to watch would be on or not.
and they would not prorate your bill for the time that service was messed up.
and pretty par for the course they didnt ask why i was canceling the cable.
Here is the most recent article I could find, which shows profits are up despite fewer subscribers. Subscribers are declining because we're in a recession, of course, but also because Comcast is jacking up prices. Subscribers were increasing as late as Q1 this year.

This is probably the most interesting part:

The number of (new) Internet subscribers plummeted 77%, and the number of video and television customers dropped as well. Furthermore, ad revenues continued to fall, dropping 20%, as advertisers have been more reluctant to advertise in this economy.
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