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Re: Cast any actor from any era for your dream Batman cast.

Batman - Young Alec Baldwin
Alfred - Alec Guiness
Robin - Joseph Gordon Levitt
Nightwing - James Marsden
Batgirl - Zhang Zhi Yi
Oracle - Rachel Nichols
Azrael - Alexander Skarsgård
Spoiler - Hillary Duff
Huntress - Eliza Dushku
Gordon - Kurt Russell
Bullock - Dennis Franz or James Gandolffini
Montoya - Michelle Rodriguez

The Joker - Jim Carrey
Harley Quinn - Britney Murphy
Scarecrow - Vincent Price
Penguin - Charles Laughton
Bane - The Rock
Killer Croc - Vin Diesel
The Riddler - Kevin Spacey
Catwoman - Rosario Dawson
Mr. Freeze - Patrick Stewart
Poison Ivy - Scarlet Johansen
Two-Face - Mel Gibson
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