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Re: provider for new Trek series as original series download

I'd just rent the DVD from Netflix. Paramount/CBS would never do this, though. Paid downloads/DVDs plus DVD rentals can't fund the production of a decent looking series and after Paramount spent hundreds of millions to buff up the Star Trek brand back to "premium" status, they aren't going to shoot themselves in the foot with a direct-to-DVD/download release that undermines their expensive brand-building efforts. Direct to DVD/downlad is for Asylum crap or stuff like you cited whose brand nobody has invested a penny in, and nobody expects ever to fill a premium brand slot.

There's a reason Mercedes doesn't make crappy cars for the low-end market, even though there's money to be made, or if they did, they sure wouldn't slap the Mercedes brand on it. Everyone has to start thinking of Star Trek as a product like toothpaste, dog food or cars. That's the way the people in control of its destiny view it.

If you want a low-end car, don't go into a Mercedes dealership. If you want direct-to-DVD crap, don't expect for Star Trek.
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