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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

As to the lack of needle-ness, I guess I'm feeling more than a little influenced by Rick Sternbach's Raven design here, Christopher.

Fore to aft, we've got the following set in place:

- cockpit
- fwd. head/fwd. DC locker
- quarters(P/S)
- galley/medbay - corridor is wider at this point to allow for a gangway-type staircase; the rooms on either side of this point are being narrowed to allow for that raw materials stowage/supply feed infrastructure stuff we talked about back in the "favourite lit-ships" thread.
- quarters x 3(P/S)
- aft head/aft DC locker
- engine roomlet/life support - may yet be split into two roomlets.

Dwight Williams

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