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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

Well, my first reaction is that it's not very needle-like. Try something less boxy, more long and narrow.

It would help to have some labeling or explanation of what the compartments are. As we discussed in the TrekLit thread, I'm thinking there'd be one deck with the bridge/cockpit, the lab area, a medical bay, a transporter stage (not in its own room), and an engineering area, and one deck containing probably six small two-person staterooms and a lounge/mess area, perhaps with cargo space as well. Plus there'd need to be room in front for the nav deflector and in the rear for the engine equipment.

Clawhammer has also expressed an interest in doing a Cleopatra's Needle design, and he has some ideas that I'm fairly impressed with. But it'll be a while before he can get around to it. I'd be fine with seeing two or more design proposals, but maybe the two of you could exchange notes. Maybe Clawhammer could tackle the exterior and DEWLine the interior. Though if you'd rather do your own separate things, that's okay too.

Anyway, I'm very flattered by the interest in this little ship I dreamed up.
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