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Re: Moments that really made you cringe or disliked

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The reason the 21st century brands are so cringeworthy for me isn't so much stretching credibility they'll still exist (though that is a factor and Nokia moreso than Bud; I can accept Budweiser becoming a generic like kleenex in the future), but they date the film if Nokia goes bust. I like my Trek to be timeless!
I don't think it would necessarily date the film any more than the videophone screen in 2001 dates that movie*, and certainly a lot less than many of Chekov's lines from the original series are dated in light of the late 80s/early 90s collapse of the Soviet Union.

(* The Bell System, deemed a monopoly as a result of an antitrust lawsuit, was ordered in 1984 to break up into separate regional telephone companies.)
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