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Re: Cast any actor from any era for your dream Batman cast.

Batman - Jeffery Hunter
Robin - Will Wheaton
Batgirl - Yvonne Craig
Alfred - Peter Cushing
Commisioner Gordon - Robert Ryan
Lucius Fox - Louis Gossett Jr.

The Joker - Michael Keaton
The Penguin - Armin Shimmerman
Catwoman - Gina Gershon
The Riddler - John Glover or maybe Jonathan Harris
Mr. Freeze - Robert Shaw
Solomon Grundy - Ted Cassidy
The Scarecrow - Jeffery Combs
Poison Ivy - Rene Russo
Harley Quinn - Lori Petty
Ra's Al Ghul - Raul Julia
Talia - Caroline Munroe
Two-Face - Thomas Jane
Bat-Mite - Deep Roy
The Mad Hatter - Johnny Depp (heh)
Man-Bat - Dick Durock
Killer Croc - Vin Diesel
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