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Is Comcast going to implode?

Been meaning to post this for a while...but i was wondering if anyone else feels like COmcast might be the next big corporation to implode:
  • ridiculous commercials (though my 4 year old seems fascinated by them)
  • Poor service (multiple outages)
  • Rising prices (such as on demand movies; costing now $4.99 and up; Redbox is only $1, and seems to have as good a selection)
  • Unneeed monopoly (in CHicago, CLTV, a 24/[really 13 3/4 hour] Chicago area news channel can ONLY be seen on COmcast)
  • Lackluster On Deman COntent
  • semi-randomly assigned channel numbers (HD channels kinda plopped in between ~ 171 and ~330; groupings that get interrupte by an unrelated channel)
  • Overcharge for HD package
Anyone want to the list? Or am i just disgruntled?
Morpheus 02
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