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Re: Companies Band Together To Find Better Ratings Source Than Nielsen

i know using digital cable boxes would give incomplete results...but i would be interested to see how their numbers compare to nielsen ratings (total numbers as well as sample sets). and certainly, there is a way to select samples, which includes a more acuurate sample of minorities.

In today's world, all kinds of people,of different ethnicities and incomes, have cable or sattelite TV. And those that still only use broadcast...are they really in the marketing bracket that advertisers care about anyway?

It'd be interesting to see if perhaps there are shows that people who do not like to do nielsen diaries prefer, or shows that are watched that the ratings don't acuurately pick up.

Temis has a great pint about ANTI-boycotts....buying a product to show support of the show. What o you think of a campaign where fans push buying a sponsoring prouct like toilet paper, that people coul stock up for one weeken, an/or give to friends, so that the comapny sees a sizeable bump in sales.

And if sounds like a good idea, what would be a good show to try it with...?
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