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Re: "Firefly" - when does it get good?

The good episodes start at #6 with "Our Mrs Reynolds" and continues right through to 11/12 ("Trash"/"The Message"- some like "The Message" and some don't). "Heart of Gold" is hit-and-miss with some great moments but some stock cliches too. "Objects in Space" is absolutely excellent.

Some non-spoilery spoilers to keep you interested:

Our Mrs. Reyonds- "You're good." "You're amazing... who are you?"

Jaynestown- the bartender slapping the bottle out of Jayne's gaping maw. Simon finding an appropriate time to swear. Book's hair.

Out of Gas- Kaylee getting hired by Mal.

Ariel- the whole episode, particularly Simon getting a chance to do what he does best. Beware though- this episode has one very gory scene in it.

War Stories- Wash and Mal's conversation about Mal's feelings towards Zoe. "Screw you!" "Get in line!"

Trash- "Is there anybody there...? Anybody else?"

The Message- The way the actual message is used throughout the episode and how it ties in to the end.

Objects in Space- "I'm not on the ship. I'm in the ship. I am the ship."
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