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Agent Richard07
Re: Cast any actor from any era for your dream Batman cast.

Batman - George Clooney
Robin - Jerry Mathers
Batgirl - Lindsay Lohan
Alfred - David Niven
Aunt Harriet - Charlotte Rae
Commisioner Gordon - Powers Boothe

The Joker - Russell Brand
The Penguin - Gert Fröbe
Catwoman - Ava Gardner
The Riddler - Greg Kinnear
Mr. Freeze - Jeremy Irons
The Scarecrow - Ian McKellan
Poison Ivy - Marcia Cross
Harley Quinn - Nicole Sullivan
Zatanna - Catherine Zeta-Jones
Ra's Al Ghul - Vincent Price
Talia - Emmanuelle Vaugier
Bat-Mite - Verne Troyer
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