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Re: The Battlestar Galacticafication of Stargate has began!

Where ya been, we've been bitching about this for months!

Yes, it looks like SG:U will be Stargate's attempt to ape BSG, but with fewer decent actors, no decent writing, and zero sense of style. I'm sure they think they're going to be "dark and hip," just like BSG, but Stargate has this amazing way of taking any subject matter, no matter how dire, and rendering it utterly innocuous and shallow. The writers don't get up to the cliff and then balk; they usually don't even get withing spitting distance of the cliff.

Robert Carlyle's character even looks a little bit like Gaius Baltar
The Stargate Way would be to make him an upstanding, noble fellow and under no circumstances should he actually turn out to be a villain. So if your theory is correct, that would be a step up for Stargate.
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