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Re: Your favourite TrekLit ships?

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Strikes me that whatever Cleopatra's Needle ends up looking like, it'll be a design fairly easily encountered in Federation-charted space. No?
Not really; as the excerpt says, it was a custom design, specifically built to fit the parameters of a long-distance, high-speed research expedition. So well-charted space is probably the last place you'd expect to find it. However, it's probable that it would have some design elements in common with other types of ship from "Centauri III’s leading civilian spacecraft firm."

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Would the Needle's crew likely be double- or triple-bunking? (IE: two or three bunk beds to a vertical stack to make room for the lab gear and cargo stowage)
The text implies there would typically be two people per room. Let's see, Picard and Langford shared quarters, and the Janasz family (Stefcia, Jameela, and their son Bazyli) would probably share another room. The rest of the crew included Xian Chuanli, his daughter Yanmei (who initially had a separate room), Doctors Ruyao and Allis, and the grad students Rosa Payne and Sorma, who implicitly shared a room at least part of the time. I think that's everyone I mentioned by name. I implied that Chuanli had his quarters to himself; maybe Ruyao did as well, being a big fellow. Which would leave Yanmei and Allis to bunk together for six rooms in all. But then Coray and her aide come aboard, Yanmei moves back in with her father to make room, and I don't know what Allis does -- maybe she triples up with the Xians, maybe sleeping on separate shifts. And on the trip back, Picard and Ariel are rooming together, so Langford would have to be somewhere else. (I wish I'd thought this through more carefully at the time; I'm not sure it's all entirely consistent.)
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