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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I don't believe for a second Adebayor didn't have his celebration in mind long before he actually scored. Caught up in the moment my ass he knew full well what he was doing and should have foreseen the kind of reaction he'd get. In a way I don't blame him because the Arsenal fans gave him a lot of shit last year, but equally he should be a professional about it like anyone else who scores against their old club. Not even Berbatov celebrated when he scored against Spurs last year and the fans hated him for the manner of his departure.

Handsomely beating your old club should always be enough and for most it is. Adebayor should get every one of those next six games' bans for both that and his insane kick at van Persie. It's not even making an example of him. It's punishing downright reckless and dangerous behaviour that we should not have to put with.
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