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provider for new Trek series as original series download

After creating the poll about what television channel should a new Trek small screen series be on I thought about this since we have new types of distribution now.

This Spring I mentioned the idea of serializing shorter small screen episodes so as to not just be 43 minutes like an episode of Trek TV series. Yesterday I posted about the alternative distribution available as downloads.

I've heard of two already:
Sony will have an 8-episode original programming series available this Winter exclusively on the Playstation Network
Sony is developing a reality show that will air on the PSN this winter.
a new reality show series called "The Tester", airing exclusively on the PlayStation Network. the show will air this winter.
September 4, 2009 source

PlayStation Network has partnered with reality programming veterans, 51 Minds Entertainment to produce “The Tester.”
The latest in a series of original programs designed exclusively for PlayStation Network, “The Tester” will debut this winter. Each episode of “The Tester” will be available in high-definition and distributed digitally through the PlayStationŽStore. Episodes can be purchased individually or all eight at once through a season pass.
Sept. 2009 source

and this other one on XBOX Live
"Hip Hop - Up, Down, All Around, 360 Degrees" the first show in Gen2Media's growing line-up of planned
original programming produced specifically for the online social entertainment and gaming network's 17+ million Xbox LIVE subscribers.
Mar 23, 2009 source

Now I was surprised by the most people (as of Sept. 13) voting for a new Trek series to be on a premium subscription cable TV channel, Showtime.

Would a serialized 15-45 minute length episode Trek series be possible on the Sony Playstation Network via PlayStation Store or on XBOX Live Network or any of the other 8 vendors? Would you be willing to pay for it during its first run if it were not going to be broadcast with advertisements?
How many of those vendors would Paramount/CBS Television have to have a contract with for it to be successful exclusively as a paid download and not on advertising supported TV?

The genre-specific content of the above two examples aside
If you would you be willing to see an original new Star Trek series on the small screen exclusive with a paid season-pass subscription or by paying for each episode from which vendor if it were not broadcast on television or cable television?
[Assuming in the future all of the options offer 1080p HD video.]

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