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Re: TOS' U.S.S. Valiant and Farragut....

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Juan, that's not really a very good attitude, especially since "warp drive" is NEITHER OF THE ABOVE, as it's established in the show.
Really? Where?

Oh, and such a drive is still Newtonian, and subject to all the pitfalls therein.
No, I don't think you're at all correct in this.

And he's also ABSOLUTELY RIGHT when he states that "they're obviously not field emitters and have a distinct front and back."
Again, how?

It seems you don't "get" that because you don't understand what a "field" is.
I understand quite well what a "field" is, thank you very much.

No, "warp drive" is by no stretch of the imagination a "field drive." It's something else entirely.
I don't agree.

You could have a sublight "field drive" but... and this will just piss you off, I'm sure... a "field drive" will be every bit as much subject to Newtonian effects as a "rocket drive" will be. ANYTHING in normal space/time will be.
Yes, you could indeed have a sublight field drive, and no it doesn't piss me off. Based on its effects I believe that this is what impulse must be. The trick with warp drive is that it sets up a bubble of normal space/time in which the ship rests and warps the space around it.

So, if you're going to act like you're smarter than someone else, brag and belittle and all that horseshit, you really ought to make sure that you're not just talking out of your ass.
I was niether bragging nor belittling, so get your facts straight before you come charging in on your white horse there, Prince Valiant. If anything I was heaping scorn on the inexcusably silly idea that Newtonian thrust alone could propel a starship faster than the speed of light, which seemed to be what TOS Purist was implying. Not heaping scorn on TOS Purist himself. Now if I'm wrong about that, then I apologize. To him.

It doesn't matter if you accelerate due to a field interaction, or due to expulsion of mass. You're still accelerating, and you're still subject to relativistic effects.
Yes. Good thing warp drive doesn't result in acceleration.
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