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Re: Companies Band Together To Find Better Ratings Source Than Nielsen

Well what always bugs me is that some shows don't do that well in the Neilsen's ratings - Let's take Enterprise for instance - in some markets, many markets they played the show twice. Once on the usual slot and then again in a syndicated slot on the weekend. And I like a lot of fans I used to hang around with, might not always watch the original airtime, because something else was on, or they just didn't feel they had to rush home to watch it that night, when they KNEW that only a couple days later it would be on again. And I am sure those ratings were not counted. Only the original airdate's. Now that doesn't happen often, but there are markets that will willfully fuck up an airing schedule. Pre-empting it for a local sports game or some local programming or whatever, transmitter problems. Now, if say its a large market, the loss of that night's neilsen's might really screw the show up. Or if the local market has some like hour long special in prime time that preempts the original programming or there's some local news event going on and either the show only airs part of it, or as I recall during football season, they'll shove normal programming to late night, like after the 10PM news and then air it. Or they'll put it on another night altogether. So really, there needs to be a better way of gauging who's watching what and when.

Now I'm part of the HomeScan "family" where we scan things we buy every week and get points. So why not a similar thing? Heck it could even be online, make it worth people's while to do it. The box they have is one thing, but I'm thinking something that will let them tell them their viewing habits when they may not be at home or not using that particular box, maybe even allow a much larger demographic. Like an SMS text code that people can send something to from their cellphones after they've watched a show. Or encourage people to go to the website and do a simple survey for points.

How come there are some shows they say "oh the ratings weren't there." but then people come out of the woodwork demanding the show be put back. Petitions are made, letters get written, websites are formed. I would say that's a good indicator that "yeah this show does get watched. Fuck the ratings, put it back on."

And if the advertisers want to get their product message out to more people, then encourage more fans of shows to sign up and maybe in exchange for doing surveys or submitting a log of viewing habits, they get shit from the advertisers.

I mean Audi can advertise all they want on a show, but even if I was in their demo... I'm still not going to pay $59,000 for a car that I saw on TV.
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