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Re: Mr. Spock instead of Sir or Commander

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I have another possible reason why Spock was most often called "Mister," or just "sir": That's the way he preferred it!

Red Ranger
I believe earlier both Mr. T and the movie "They call me mister tibbs" were brought up. Both are examples of individuals who insist on being call 'Mister' as a show of respect. Gene Roddenberry's future is far from perfect, Spock is a vulcan in what appears to be a service dominated by (white) humans. There is sexism in TOS, and maybe still some specie-ism too.

In addition to being an expression of his non-militaristic pacifist believes, mister is a demand for a open show of respect.

It's easy to support someones beliefs if they are identical to your own.
Tolerating beliefs that you don't personal embrace, or even fully understand, is harder.
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