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Re: True Blood 2x12 - "Beyond Here Lies Nothin" (Spoilers)

I'm gonna be harsh. 3 stars.

The first 10 minutes or so were exposition heavy and felt forced. Sookie having a conversation with Maryanne?

Jason and Andy's little story arc wound up being pathetic (which says everything about the two of them) and mostly filler.

Why was Sookie immune to Maryanne but Jason not? Why did Andy take so long to turn?

Notice that Eric never showed up, even though HE HAD TO KNOW SOOKIE WAS IN DANGER! What was up with that? His post-Dallas usage now feels like filler, too.

Why did Bill assume his blood would heal a shifter?

And then, I knew it, they'd just dispose of Eggs and that was ridiculous.

Good riddance, Maryanne (they should've burned her corpse...not resurrections!). That was the best part. Thankfully no ancient god appeared.

Sam's story was good here, redeemed part of the episode. They were wise to wrap up the Maenad saga half-way into the episode and move on.

I'll be there for next season. Still a good show.
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