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Re: Bram Stoker's Dracula - Yea or Nay?

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No offense, but I could give an equally unflattering portrait of men, as in, suffice it to say men like slutty women, they get them hot, and while if John Doe was a real man he would probably settle and have kiddies with Jane (the "nice girl") it's the slut he wants between his legs.
Agreed completely - except for the legs part, not sure it would work.

But seriously guys don't like SLUTTY women, we like DIRTY women, that is the correct analogy.

I.e. - you're not describing "women", you're describing immature, shallow women, just as my paragraph is describing immature, shallow men. People don't "settle" for the nice one, they actually achieve mature love. While women may enjoy a fantasy of a bad boy and men may enjoy a fantasy of a slut - it's just fantasy. Thus why there are tons of stories about bad boys and sluts. In the end stories about bad boys get women hot and stories about sluts get men hot, and real women and men take that hotness to bed to enjoy their down-to-earth good partner.
It is a generalisation to be sure, but honestly I disagree with you there. A lot of people never achieve mature love, a lot of people DO settle, and a lot of people try to live that fantasy their whole lives, I'd love to say everyone grows up and looks for mature, sustainable loving relationships, but a lot of people don't.

There are also other personality issues to consider which lead women to be far more prone to becoming part of abusive relationships than men, but again of course many men are abused by their female partners.

It is quite a fascinating issue really.

Ryder is terrible and undercuts it (seriously, the woman has one expression for all emotions and that expression looks like someone is stepping on her foot).
You seen the Family Guy piss-take of her acting ("Can we get a topless shot in this?....We can?..Heck we got a movie here!")
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