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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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I love the message at the bottom corner.
Between the tiny size and the funky font, it's hard to read. What does it say?
'Today's State recommended musical stylings:
Shell the cheese by Stinky Dick'

i think.
Change "Shell" for "Smell" and you're there. Let Robau show you the way!

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I love this. I love the graphic design. Really nice job.
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Me either, nothing about it that I could find on Memory Alpha or IMDB.
There's also the fact that Seymour already had a successful TV series gig which began two years before VOY and ran until 1999.
Ah, see - she was in VOY - but not as who you might think...

"Closed this morning as Ravenscroft, the bakery's dog, sprained his mouth whistling round a corner."
- Tockleys Bakery
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