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Blu-Ray Player vs PS3

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Okay, so I am going to buy a blu-ray player soon. Is there any point in buying anything other then a PlayStation 3?
With 2 options being a Playstation 3 that plays Blu-ray and has access to the PlayStation Network or a standalone Blu-ray player with Internet connection that as of October 2009 can access Sony's BRAVIA Internet Video streaming platform.
PS3 and standalone Blu-ray players are looking to become a all-encompassing media-hubs.
Here are the comparisons:

With your FREE PlayStation Network account get access to online gaming, friends, downloadable games, movies & TV shows, and more.

PlayStation®Store puts movies and TV shows right at your fingertips. Rent or purchase. And start watching even before it finishes downloading.

he new PlayStation®Network video-download service.
Pricing is ballpark with the competition: $2.99 to $5.99 for SD and HD rentals,
The PlayStation Network Video Download Service allows you to purchase videos to either rent or own. These videos can then be downloaded directly from the PlayStation®Store to a PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.
You've got 14 days to start watching your rented video on either your PS3™ or PSP® systems. When you hit "play", you've got 24 hours to watch your rented video as much as you want
or Movies & TV Shows to Own
No disc required or internet connection necessary for playback.
(But if your harddrive dies you probably lose the film and Sony's Playstation Store probably won't let you download it again...)

cost? Sony - PlayStation 3 (120GB)
Our Price: $299.99

PlayStation Network Video Content Update
Sept. 11, 2009

also last week
Vivid Entertainment, has called on Sony to open the PlayStation Network and allow adults to download HD adult movies from the service. This is currently being offered in Japan by DDM.TV, who has offered Blu-ray-quality porn flicks for download.
The idea is that there would be an Adults Only section on the Playstation 3's online network

The average PS3 user is Male with an average age of 28.
Sony Blu-ray Disc Players
start at $229.

Sony Network Blu-ray Disc Player
* Model Number: BDP-N460
Features: BRAVIA Internet Video streaming, BD-Live 2.0 support,
A front USB port can be used to display digital photos.
the BDP-N460 allows you to instantly stream thousands of movies, videos and music from the largest selection of leading content providers including Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, YouTube, Slacker Radio and more. [coming October 2009]
Sony promises Netflix Watch Instantly later this fall.

There are other Blu-ray standalone player manufacturers such as:
LG that have a streaming Netflix access, Roxio Cinemanow & Vudu HD On-demand service.
the LG BD390 Blu-ray Player goes for around $379. at the moment.

Vizio (who makes HDTVs and Blu-ray players) offers VIZIO Connected TV & VIZIO Internet App platform directly from the TV for Netflix streaming, Blockbuster OnDemand (!), Flickr, Pandora, Rhapsody starting this Autumn.
but they offer some streaming stuff with a Blu-ray player

Samsung offers Blockbuster OnDemand access on Blu-ray players
Samsung has officially added YouTube, Blockbuster, and .MKV/.MP4 support to select Blu-ray players via a free firmware update.

FYI Vudu HD On-demand offers the most HD downloadable movies at the moment and at 1080p. rented on a per-title basis.

I'm not going to get into Youtube downloads yet as while it is a feature on some Blu-ray player products it is still a free download service with mostly nonprofessional videos although there are things in the works of a subscription-based Youtube download service in the future.
YouTube may become the next window in the Hollywood distribution chain.
The video-sharing site is in early talks with Warner Bros., Sony Pictures and Lionsgate about streaming movies online to its users for a rental fee, people close to the discussions say.
Pricing would be similar to VOD and iTunes, which is about $3.99 per movie .
Sept. 2, 2009 source

Sony's Playstation Store selling video ondemand downloads is competing with Microsoft's XBOX Live Network selling video ondemand downloads.
Global Expansion: The 1080p streaming HD Zune video experience on Xbox LIVE marketplace is expanding to 10 new regions this year, making movies and TV shows available in 18 total countries
Autumn 2009 source

If you don't play games you may not need this additional bulk and bloatware just to watch Blu-ray discs and download TV or movies on-demand. Although it is not here yet Youtube being the 800 pound gorilla may be the big store and soon the largest selection of 1080p HD on-demand downloads available. Which store actually has the least amount of added data compresssion and the highest video bitrate is another matter. At the moment the LG Blu-ray player hedges your bets with 3 video ondemand services. At least with firmware upgrades these Blu-ray player hardware vendors can add different video ondemand services when they sign a new contract with a new distributor.
Look when you buy a Blu-ray player you are not going to buy another so you want something that you can grow with for 1080p HD video downloads in the next 3-5 years as they really take off.

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