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Re: Mr. Spock instead of Sir or Commander

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Well, the Kennedy was decommissioned two years ago, so who knows what was going on.

I'm still confused why they never refit that boat with a nuclear reactor.
They learned their lesson from Enterprise. It's best to build Nuke ships from the ground up.
Why? Just asking. -- RR
Sorry, missed this the first time around.

Enterprise was designed with old school boiler-tech in mind. Basically they designed and built a steam boiler ship with eight submarine reactor sized reactors shoe-horned in.

Enterprise's engineering plant is an abortion for this reason.

Nimitz was actually designed from the ground up with Nuke-this and Nuke-that in mind. A much better design, IMHO.

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The internet's a wonderful thing -- Love getting my facts straight.
Yeah, it can be pretty confusing. Not everything about the military makes the most sense. Luckily you have vets like me who've been there and done that to help explain it for you!
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