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Re: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine--The Cleanest Food To Find

^Yeah...I had realized the awkwardness of having Bashir "help out" early on, but I also knew that, as Bashir had gone through some similar conflicts, his help would be very essential. Hence, I had Ezri, at the beginning of the scene, give Julian some instructions on what to do. She's confident that he'd be able to fill in the blanks....

I would say that, as a rule, Ezri is not as "orthodox" as most counselors would be. Thus, her methods would seem rather strange at times. the story shows, they do prove to be effective--perhaps because of the unusual pattern. Perhaps she's given Julian some training in the field--for these kinds of situations....

Still...I'd also made sure to aknowledge the awkwardness in the Quark's Bar scene. Now, as Simon knows of Bashir's involvement--and has been reassured a bit about this in said bar scene--most, if not all, of the awkwardness should be gone....

Thanks for the thoughts!

As for the's technically based on a line from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. The hero of the book has a similar conversation with a newfound friend of his, in a somewhat similar situation.
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