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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

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Honestly, that is the best piece of art I have seen for M'Ress! Did she actually photoshop pieces of lion in that pic? It is that photo-realistic.
I purchased a "print" of that selection from the artist. It is apparently hand drawn with colored pencils to create the effect of individual fur strands. Shrunk as it was, the "photographic" illusion became a bit more believable.

Onto a slightly different, but still related, topic, which one of these "interpretations" of Lt. M'Ress do you (meaning anyone reading this thread) prefer?

The first one employs a base mesh modeled to resemble an anime/manga figure. Morphs were used to make it appear feline. This is the one I've shown earlier in this thread.

The second one employs a base mesh modeled to resemble a generic anthropomorphic character. Morphs were used to make it appear more distinctively feline; the default shape was somewhat "mousey".

Obviously, neither is a direct "recreation" of the 2d cel art, but rather, they are "personal interpretations". Given that, which do you find the "more appropriate" interpretation?


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