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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

The last ten movies I watched...

Sholay- F-ing Amazing!

J.C.V.D.- Fabulous performance from Jean Claude... I'd love it if this film rejuvenated his career.

My Name is Bruce- Exactly what I expected it to be.

Murder by Death- Funny mystery spoof... particularily if you are familiar with characters that are being spoofed (Charlie Chan, Nick and Nora Charles, Sam Spade, etc.).

Kung-Fu Hustle- Great fun. I absolutely loved Qiu Yuen as the landlady.

Sukiyaki Western Django- Loads of fun.

Inglorious Basterds- I loved this movie... though, I tend to love Tarantino.

The Mouse That Roared- Why can't modern comedies be more like this? It was smart, clever, well made, and funny.

Field of Dreams and A League of Their Own were both on TV this morning. Why can't baseball be this enchanting in real life? These films are absolute classics.
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