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Re: Companies Band Together To Find Better Ratings Source Than Nielsen

but maybe they'll realize that while some shows aren't watched first run, they ARE watched anyway.
They do realize that. This consortium's job is to figure out how to reliably measure all viewing and more importantly, measure the impact of the advertising for that viewing so that the ad rates can be applied equitably.

And that is really more the point than "replacing the Nielsens," which is a mistaken impression that people are glomming onto.

Or hell, what about the people in other countries who download copies of the episodes from their american counterparts a few days later.
Unless illegal downloads have ads attached, those viewings will continue to be irrelevant. This is about measuring ad viewing, not measuring program viewing. The placement of ads vary for the types of viewing - on TV, you get ads every 15 minutes, on TiVO half of the ads go unviewed, on Hulu (I think) the only ad appears at the beginning of the program. So one show viewed one way will not be equal to that same show viewed another.

In theory, in-show product placements would make even illegal downloads worth something to advertisers. But corporate advertising departments tend to be localized by country or region, which means that the people handling Nissan placements in Heroes are in charge of the North American ad market and it doesn't matter one iota to them if those ads are also seen in Russia or Brazil. In fact, Nissan might not even sell that model of vehicle in Russia or Brazil, or they might have another model that they'd prefer to advertise.
And honestly they need to start going through BBS's and even YouTube and watching comments and fan reviews. If the fans of the shows are turning away, then yeah... maybe its time to pull the plug or revamp.
Why? They can measure viewings directly. If people here or elsewhere think "X is junk" and tune out, then the advertisers will find out. They shouldn't bother with TrekBBS or anyplace else, they should focus on reliable methods of measuring ad viewings.

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