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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Hey guys it's great there's a space for the 'newbies' - feel a bit ashamed to confess but have never joined a forum before so new in more than one sense but thanks for the welcome. Dunt really know what to say like but I simply love Voyager and of course the good 'ole Captain Janeway - hence my really unimaginative name! ;-) I grew up watching star trek with kirk and spock, then next generation but I think the one that won my heart most was and is voyager, so wish it was still going but continue watching it and admittedly still being gutted Chakotay and Janeway never got together, sigh... I know, I should let go! ha but what can I say? I'm a softy... Anyways sorry I've babbled but a huge hi to you all!
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