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Re: Ships that *never sailed*

Honorable Ensign wrote: View Post I the last Archer/T'Pol shipper out there?
I dunno about that since I don't pay much attention to anything that's happening around Enterprise. However, I really liked what was going on in Twilight.

JustKate wrote: View Post
I hope all you nice people don't take it amiss when I give a big ol' "YUCK!" to just about every one of these pairings!
I'm not crazy about most of them, either. There seems to be a bit of a gathering momentum around the Picard/Troi pairing in recent years. Personally, I can't abide it for loads of reasons, but there is certainly more than one fanfic out there.

those they kept dangling in front of us for years and years. Riker/Troi? Please. It was kind of boring and hackneyed, IMO, when it was first introduced, and while it might have been OK and maybe even really great if they'd handled it well...well, let's face it, they didn't.
I liked Riker and Troi as friends. But I don't think that TPTB were even interested in them having a romance. I think they may have even regretted introducing it. If I remember, I think there might have even been an entire season where there was virtually no Riker/Troi interaction at all. I recall reading an interview with Frakes at the time where he said that they tried to keep it alive (him and Marina) but they weren't given anything to work with. I sometimes think that the whole Riker/Troi thing as a romance was something that started, that they regretted and tried to ignore, and resurrected at the last moment. So, to me, yes, it was handled badly in some respects, but that was because the writers were trying to ignore it.

I came across this photo the other day. I thought I'd toss it into the thread because I'd like to share it and here seemed as good a place as any. Frakes and Sitirs at the Star Trek premier earlier this year, and obviously still good friends.


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