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Re: Companies Band Together To Find Better Ratings Source Than Nielsen

I'm wary of this new idea... but maybe they'll realize that while some shows aren't watched first run, they ARE watched anyway. I mean, how many people on this board will wait the day or two it takes for a new episode of a show to pop up on Hulu or the network's website? Do the Neilsen's guage that? Or what about those that have stuff Tivo'd? Or hell, what about the people in other countries who download copies of the episodes from their american counterparts a few days later. I know its not helping advertisers, but hey... at least its showing just how many eyeballs are watching a show. And honestly they need to start going through BBS's and even YouTube and watching comments and fan reviews. If the fans of the shows are turning away, then yeah... maybe its time to pull the plug or revamp.

Of course if the new Ratings Company were to come to the TrekBBS... what would they think of some shows?
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