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Re: Ships that *never sailed*

Red Ranger wrote: View Post
Gave it a bit more thought and these are the ones that would've been interesting to me:

-Chekov and Chapel.
-Sulu and Uhura (homage to Mirror, Mirror.)
-Picard and Troi.
-Geordi and Ro.
-Sisko and Nerys.
-O'Brien and Nerys (if Keiko wasn't in the picture, which they fooled with once when Nerys was carrying the O'Briens child).
-Odo and Dax.
-B'Elanna and Chakotay.
-Seven and Tom.
-Phlox and T'Pol.
-Hoshi and Travis.
-Trip and Hoshi.

And for you same-sex 'shippers:

-Sulu and Chekov.
-Khan and Joachim.
-Dukat and Damar.
-Nerys and Dax.
-Seven and Borg Queen.
-Janeway and Seven.
-Neelix and Kim.

Red Ranger
I have to disagree on:
*Chekov and Chapel (No.)
*Picard and Troi (Ew.)
*Geordi and Ro (No chemistry.)
*Sisko and Nerys (No chemistry. Sisko and Dax, however, I could see in the 1st season).
*Odo and Dax (Uh uh.)
*B'lanna and Chakotay (No.)
*Phlox and T'Pol (No.)

For the same sex ships:

*The Nerys and Dax could work; the tight-leather clad Mirror Nerys and Dax, of course...
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