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Re: Bram Stoker's Dracula - Yea or Nay?

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I suppose. But I just couldn't get around the Mina/Dracula thing. The love story between Mina and Dracula was preposterous, even for a fantasy film. I really don't see why this girl was worth saving from undeath. Because screwing around with the evil monster that raped/murdered her best friend and tortured/kidnapped her husband for all eternity was obviously what this dumb bitch wanted. So I say let her join her Drac's Slut Brigade.
I could make some comment about the female psyche here but would probably get the female posters very upset.

Suffice it to say that women like dangerous men, they get them hot, and while if Mina was a real woman she would probably settle and have kiddies with John Harker (the "nice guy") it's the "bad boy" she wants between her legs.

So, yeah, evil mass murdering rapists get women hot - well maybe not quite THAT bad, but Mina's behaviour is quite believable IMHO.
No offense, but I could give an equally unflattering portrait of men, as in, suffice it to say men like slutty women, they get them hot, and while if John Doe was a real man he would probably settle and have kiddies with Jane (the "nice girl") it's the slut he wants between his legs.

I.e. - you're not describing "women", you're describing immature, shallow women, just as my paragraph is describing immature, shallow men. People don't "settle" for the nice one, they actually achieve mature love. While women may enjoy a fantasy of a bad boy and men may enjoy a fantasy of a slut - it's just fantasy. Thus why there are tons of stories about bad boys and sluts. In the end stories about bad boys get women hot and stories about sluts get men hot, and real women and men take that hotness to bed to enjoy their down-to-earth good partner.

As for Bram Stoker's Dracula, more style than substance. Oldman is charismatic and sells the love story. Ryder is terrible and undercuts it (seriously, the woman has one expression for all emotions and that expression looks like someone is stepping on her foot). Hopkins is fun going for the whacko Van Helsing. Reeves is so awful he's best forgotten. The movie tries for creepiness and barely achieves it in small bursts, tries for romance and barely achieves it in small bursts, tries for sexy and fails completely. I'll agree that it's atmospheric though, and does capture some moments from the book fairly accurately.
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