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Re: Ships that *never sailed*

I hope all you nice people don't take it amiss when I give a big ol' "YUCK!" to just about every one of these pairings! Nearly all of them are wrong on some basic level (Picard and Troi? Jeeeeeeeez - he was practically a father figure to her, for goodness' sake. And I don't even want to think about Sisko/Kira.) And several are wrong on oh, so many levels.

Among the pairings that I don't like but that don't make me go "YUCK" are those they kept dangling in front of us for years and years. Riker/Troi? Please. It was kind of boring and hackneyed, IMO, when it was first introduced, and while it might have been OK and maybe even really great if they'd handled it well...well, let's face it, they didn't. Seven years of it just annoyed me - and made it ridiculously unlikely at that. (Yes, I know that was resolved in movies, but I'm talking about the show here.)

And...I hate to say this since he always seemed like such a nice guy...but Frakes made me snicker in his love scenes, and when he didn't make me snicker, he made me cringe. He really did, and I don't think he was supposed to. That added an extra layer of unreality, IMO.

Picard/Crusher? Same thing as Riker/Troi, really - a bit cliched at first, and then it just went on and on until I was sick to death of it. (Again, I know - it's been resolved in books. Doesn't change how badly it was handled in the show, though.) And then there's the additional factor that a captain should not get romantically involved with someone under his (or her - more on this below) command. And that's the problem with Picard/Nella, too - although at least in both of these romances of Picard's, they allowed him to explore the possible consequences of getting involved, which I thought was pretty neat.

Janeway/Chakotay, as I have said far too often, is just wrong because of the special relationship a captain and the XO have to the crew - and to each other. That this particular pair is in the DQ jillions of light years from home makes it even more imperative that they don't get involved in a relationship that would have repercussions for the entire crew. Once they got home, now...that's a different story. Or at least it could have been.

One that I have always rather liked was Seven/Kim. Most folks in the Voyager forum hate this - or at least they did the last time I brought it up. They keep telling me "There's no chemistry! There's no chemistry!" But my feeling is that Seven, at least, was never allowed to have "chemistry" with anybody, except Janeway and (sorry, shippers) that always seemed very motherly-daughterly, mentory/pupilly to me. She was supposed to have some with Chakotay, of course, but that plotline was very badly written so it just didn't work.

But that's not to say there couldn't have been chemistry between Seven and Kim, if there had been a reason for it - I mean, part of chemistry is acting, right? You don't actually have to be in love with the other actor to convey chemistry, surely. And I think, since they were both young and innocent, they might have been rather sweet together. Or maybe Harry and Kes? Of course, Kes and just about anybody except Neelix would have been an enormous improvement.

Doc and Seven might have been pretty neat, too - both of them exploring their humanity together and all that. And aside from the XO-person under his command angle, Chakotay/Torres might have been really interesting, too - but I really liked Paris/Torres, so that worked out fine.
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