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Re: TOS' U.S.S. Valiant and Farragut....

3D versions of my designs have been done before and I don't mind as long as credit is acknowledged.

My situation is while I'd love to do 3D models myself I just don't have the skills. I can draw and draft in the oldfashioned 2D way either with pencils and drafting instruments or on the computer with Illustrator. I can draw perspectives. But I'm lacking in 3D skills and it's a steep learning curve.

Somebody around here expressed interest in rendering my TOS shuttlecraft drawings in 3D and that I'd like to see. Evenetually I'll get my TAS shuttlecraft versions done and those would also be cool in 3D.

Presenetly I'm focusing more on my own non-Trek designs which will also be rendered in 3D when ready.
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