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Re: Star Trek: Online

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It's interesting how the Miranda class was able to defeat 3 BoP's.

Then again ... it's an UPGRADED Miranda to begin with, and even the upgraded BoP's would likely retain certain inferiority over it.
3 of them though should have been able to deal more damage on the Miranda most likely.
No point reading into that. Different people who played the demo at PAX had different ships but they all had the same stats and weapon loadouts. Obviously the demo was setup to be an "intro" to the game and look cool and was much less about actual stats... and balance continues well past the launch date of an MMO anyway.

Any word if the Graphics will be additionally enhanced before the game is released?
Considering it's not shipping until next year that's pretty much a given. For instance, the devs had said that there will be ship damage but haven't shown it because it isn't implemented in game yet.
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