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Re: *~Star Trek Books FAQ Latest Edition~*

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply!

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Of course you'd submit your "proper idea". Hand in your best idea as a proposal, not your second best idea.
But they clearly say they don't want a story with great changes, or a character dying, or a story focussing on new characters, not the familar TV characters, for example. So I would have to hand in my "second best" idea, in order to do what I really want at a later stage, wouldn't I? As Christopher said:

The submission process is a test of your ability to follow instructions, to adapt to what's asked of you. If you get through that process and prove yourself, then later on you can gain the trust of your editor and have the opportunity to pitch the more experimental stories you want to tell.
And again, it's not the specific story you're selling, it's you. The guidelines are a demo process. If you prove yourself by coming up with a good story that fits the guidelines, then you can earn the opportunity to do a wider range of stuff later.
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