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Re: Your favourite TrekLit ships?

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Forget the characters Star Trek thrives on cool spaceships.

Honestly, I couldn't care less about the ship designs. I see them on screen, then I like something visually dynamic and interesting to follow through the space battles, but on the page... nah.

I've never had a particularly visual imagination though; I can read a whole series about a character and be fascinated by their personality and actions without really ever having a mental image. Same is true with ships. Even with the Titan on the cover, when it describes the Titan doing something, I don't tend to take the mental effort to visualize it specifically.

Perhaps I'm odd in this way.
My comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

But I'm big on visualization - up until Transformers my "brain fx" were far better than any movie or TV show. Nowadays it's about even.

Any chance of Christopher, David R George III or any of the other authors with their ships mentioned here getting artistic? They don't have to be masterpieces - line drawings in MS paint would do (or scanned-in back-of-napkin-in-biro scribbles), just to give us rough shapes.

Or maybe other people here posting pics of what they think these mystery ships should look like?
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