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Re: Ships that *never sailed*

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Gave it a bit more thought and these are the ones that would've been interesting to me:

-Chekov and Chapel.
-Sulu and Uhura (homage to Mirror, Mirror.)
-Picard and Troi.
-Geordi and Ro.
-Sisko and Nerys.
-O'Brien and Nerys (if Keiko wasn't in the picture, which they fooled with once when Nerys was carrying the O'Briens child).
-Odo and Dax.
Could you have come up with more random pairings?

Your same sex pairings make more sense than your opposite sex pairings, even though all those people are heterosexual, and that is saying something.

I'm not going to comment on the VOY and ENT ships, since I haven't seen enough of those shows, but:

-Chekov and Chapel - why??
-Sulu and Uhura - he clearly had a thing for her in both universes (see "The Naked Time"), but she didn't care, in either of the universes. It was one-sided.
-Picard and Troi - ugh. Why?! Just why? Maybe if there was no Riker/Troi or Picard/Crusher, but this way, it would just have been
-Geordi and Ro - no sexual chemistry at all. I could never see those two as anything but friends. Ro and Riker, yes. Ro and Geordie, no.
-Sisko and Nerys - theoretically, it could have been OK. But never showed any romantic or sexual interest in each other (MU doesn't count). Which might have been really fortunate, since they didn't seem to have any sexual chemistry, and it would have been too predictable ('So we have a male first in command and a female second in command... we have to play up some sexual chemistry! And they first clash and argue, but then they start respecting each other and getting along... it just has to go into a romantic direction, right? I mean it's not like a woman and a man can ever have just a professional and friendly relationship?" )
-O'Brien and Nerys - ugh. The only "attraction" there ever was between them (for something like, what, 5 minutes) was only there because she was carrying his - and Keiko's - baby. And that was just ewww. If there hadn't been for Keiko, there would have been no baby, so there would have never been any "attraction" between them. He is just not her type. And they were never even particularly close friends.
-Odo and Dax. - Again, WHY?? There were no sparks between them, and he was always in love with Kira.
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