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Re: Mr. Spock instead of Sir or Commander

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Including the various air wings onboard and the division head who could be captains of that billet/position, I believe it is thirteen.
Who told you 13?

For one, there is only ever ONE "Air Wing" on a Carrier.

And two, no "division" would ever be led by a Captain. Department, yes. Division, no.

I think the most 0-6 Captains we ever had onboard at one time (normally assigned personnel doing their normally assigned jobs, no visitors or anything) was maybe 7.

13 is just completely unrealistic.
Not only that, it's bad luck! And isn't saying "O-6 Captain" redundant? In the Navy, an O-6 is a full Captain, yes? Or do you mean to distinguish between O-6s and maybe O-5s who are Commanders but might be captains/c.o.'s on other ships? -- RR
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