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Re: Ships that *never sailed*

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What "fic"? I just made that up. Point me in the right direction... I just HAVE to read it now!
Lol. No you don't. The fic I'm thinking of was an appalling Trek 'parody' porno which garnered quite a lot of fame on the old Godawful Trek Fiction site. It's most famous line began "'Surprise!' yelled Riker" and went rapidly downhill from the next clause onward. I'm not linking it, because iirc it involved quite a lot of "jokes" were things about which I have no sense of humour.

Actually, in all my reading of TNG fic, I've found very little Wes slash. Even the Pit of Voles only has one Wes/Picard drabble. I'm a bit surprised. I don't read m/m slash, but ST fandom is rife with it. You'd think we'd be falling over the stuff.

I know I've definitely read fic that paired him with both Harry Kim and Harry Potter in the past though... this may require some masochistic Googling.

ETA: Well that didn't take long, and now I'm going to go cower in a corner for a bit. 'scuse me.
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