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Re: Companies Band Together To Find Better Ratings Source Than Nielsen

Well, that should give us all an new set of ratings to slam for not being favorable to our favorite TV shows. The fun part is that apparently this will all be available to the public.

The CIMM intends to measure TV ratings data across multiple platforms and make the results publicly available.
This isn't going to be a replacement for Nielsens but a way of trying to measure all that non-TV-eyeballs stuff that's poppin' up all over...

B&C story.

Wurtzel explained that this was not about creating a new currency but rather a way of moving towards single source data measurement. Any company would be free to share its findings. ďThis organization is a little bit like PBS, we need everyone to contribute. Itís a lot like the honors system, itís not venture capital, it is to find things that are out there and see if these things can be made viable and use them to improve measurement,Ē he said.
I've got the same question as always: what's to stop those with a vested interest in manipulating the data - and that's everyone except Nielsens - from doing just that? Where's the independent oversight in all this? What happens when (not if) data from two sources are inconsistent?

Ratings measurement is an expensive endeavor and the CIMM first has the challenge of trying to harvest information that will be worthwhile and credible to advertisers. The task is especially tricky when the information is filtered through an outfit partly run by the networks.
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