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Re: Obama Space Plan: Return to Moon: "No Go"

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The Space Shuttle is pretty fool proof system, unless fooled with. Both shuttle losses were due to ignorance and neglect not unforseeable occurences. What are we the USSR, Stop taking this cheap route and do the job right. Really, I don't want to see any more astronaut's name on any more Elementary Schools.

Let's fix Health Care, let's fix the economy, terrorism, a declined education system, corprate and political corruption.
Shuttle is not a fool proof system: it's an inherently flawed system, and those flaws are the result (in part) of Congressional and Budget Management Office budget cuts during the development phase during the 1970s, which cut costs then, and produced a flawed system that cost more to run. For every dollar saved in the 1970s, 100s of dollars have been lost in the resultant running costs, without considering the two crew losses.

As for fix Health Care, etc, the report suggests that NASA needs 3billion more each year to make Ares workable; according to President Obama's speech yesterday, fixing health care will cost 900billion, which he added was less than the cost of either the Iraq or Afghan wars (or a few other things, but that would lead to the Neutral Zone).
I don't mean to comment here on whether healthcare reform or the wars are justified; the point is that in governmental terms, they cost dollars and funding NASA costs cents.

Cap Weinberger, back in the Nixon administration, commented that NASA's budget was going to get cut 'not because it deserved to be cut, but because it could be cut.' Very true.
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