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Re: Married Men -- no all Men I have question.

Tell the police now, don't wait.

I'm usually one for direct action, and my first instinct is to tell you to look him in the eye and say "it's never gonna happen so just **** off" with his wife watching. There's no telling how he or she will react though, she may decide not to believe you for whatever reason, so it's probably not the best plan.

The police will probably have some kind of concrete advice they can give you, and they'll know better than any of us what you should do. Plus they'll have been informed of the situation, and they don't necessarily have to act right away, they most likely aren't going to just swoop in and arrest him. Make sure you tell a friend who lives close by too, if you need picking up ever because you're scared and he's being weird then you can always go stay at theirs and he won't know where you are.
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