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Re: Married Men -- no all Men I have question.

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Well yeah...try to put yourself in this guys shoes and if you heard that I was going to "tell" on you...that would scare you into stopping..........right?
Possibly. What is she like? Some guys can get away with absolutely anything if they are the controlling type. He may not care, the fact that he is pulling this with a neighbour and shouting in the street kinda suggests he is pretty ballsy about it
I don't think Jean would appreciate this very much. I know about 2yrs ago (as long as he's wanted to have this convo with me) we were supposed to go hiking and well Jean did not let him...maybe he's got some history with this shit. I don't know I don't get involved with my neighbors personally..I like to keep it a hi and bye thing mostly.

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It would me, but if he's as nuts as he sounds you may need the restraining order anyway as he may take it as a dare.

oh and i agree on getting some pepper spray or mace just to be sure.
LOL the Squirrel is telling me this is nuts! LOL.
I've been meaning to get pepper spray for the hikes...I didn't think I'd ever need it to ward off my neighbor that I've known for 8 years.
Handguns are made for killin. Ain't no good no nothin' else. And if you like to a drink your wiskey, might even a shoot yourself.
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