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Re: Married Men -- no all Men I have question.

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I don't understand why you even still talk to this person. I get that he is your neighbor, but why not just cut off all contact? Don't answer the phone if he calls, don't answer the door if he knocks..just end it.
There was no way to avoid him at the door...he was looking in the window at me...he saw me!!!!! Believe me I did end it...I was very clear how we are just neighbors and we are not going to be socializing...he's manufactured ways to run into me.

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So Married men...if you were pulling this shit and you heard that....that would squash it................RIGHT?????????? Right???
I'm going to assume this is a rhetorical question since if there are any married men on this BBS who would engage in such behaviour once, let alone persistently, they are hardly going to admit to it here.
Well yeah...try to put yourself in this guys shoes and if you heard that I was going to "tell" on you...that would scare you into stopping..........right?
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