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Married Men -- no all Men I have question.

I've been tentative about starting this thread but the weekend is nearing and I need to deal with this situation.

I'm having a small issue with the guy next door to me at the upstate place.

Back in July he started making unwanted advanced towards me while his wife was not there for the weekend. I was very very direct and blunt and told him to get the fuck off me and our "relationship" shan't be taking that turn. He still kept grabbing me, attempting to kiss me and just touching me in general. Each time I let him have it...nobody is going to touch me that I don't want...period. I told him he's married and nothing will ever happen so I gave him a pass because he was drunk and I figured it was over and that he probably felt stupid the next day.....Wrong...the next weekend he comes right into my screened in porch...INTO MY HOUSE ...thank god my nephew was with me) . I reiterated that we ain't hangin out like that and he seemed fine with it. He also apologized for his behavoir (sp) the prior weekend so I was pleased.

Then I started noticing that every time he passes by in his car that he is staring at my place as he goes by and it just creeps me the fuck out. There's a bend in the road...muthafucka should be lookin straight ahead....what's he trying to see...??? Me in a skanky t-shirt?

Anyway, so it's the next weekend now (end of July) and he "runs" into me again which was totally manufactured by him and he asks me if I'm alone there... I've had a pretty steady guest list upstate since July -- so someone was always coming up to "save" me....

So I think this is all over and done with but here again last weekend this bastard stops his car in front of my house and yells out to me (my house is about 75 feet from the road too...its not right there) and asks me if I was alone again. (and I was!) . I mean WTF here???
I lied and told him I had some friends coming up..I was put on the spot and caught off guard because I couldn't believe that he was asking me this yet again. And more importantly why is he asking me....WHY?????????? I was very clear!!!!!!

So here's my question. Obviously I want this hairy little beast to leave me alone and it's a shame too as he was a good neighbor to talk to from time to time...but anyway I was thinking that if he asks me this crap again I'm going to say "what part of we're not hanging out do you not understand? If you can't comprehend this then I'll be forced to go to Jean (his wife) and have her explain this to you"...

So Married men...if you were pulling this shit and you heard that....that would squash it................RIGHT?????????? Right???

I'm sorry for this long post but it made me feel better.
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