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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

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Engineers aren't known for our social prowess either ....
... ummmmmm ..., yeah ..., about that .... When you decide it's time to buy a house (as you mentioned somewhere else), we should talk. REALTORS(R) aren't the highest forms of life (I can say that, I spend my life dealing with their f**k-ups), but they're often necessary to the process, and they tend to have a particularly low opinion engineers as clients (believe it or not, attorneys juuuuuust beat you out by a hair - for whatever that's worth.)

I love the idea of everything you mentioned other than the pesto. I just haven't tried the right one yet.
Yeah, it took me several years to come up with a good recipe. It seems so simple, but definitely takes some doing to get it right.

And, I do have to admit, this wasn't my best. The basil was getting a little "long in the ..., er ... leaf."

Something about burping it out for 3 days afterwards that has always turned me off to it.
Basil-intolerant, perhaps?
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