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Re: Rob Zombie's Halloween II Discuss/Grade Thread

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Yeah okay but maybe if the physical stature of Myers resembled a woman had that idea been executed that might have been conceivable on some idiotic, contrived level but does anyone buy Laurie Strode as a hairy hippie behemoth? I mean, seriously. Unless Laurie imagined herself as Myers but it still makes absolutely no sense given the context and reality of Zombie's story.
No sense at all. She'd have to imagine she was Michael imagining his mother, whom she's never met. She doesn't even find out she's his sister until the last third of the movie.

But speaking of the end, in that last shot of Laurie grinning at the camera, do you think Zombie was paying homage to Psycho, or just plain ripping it off? I'd like to think it was the former, but it's a weird choice to pay homage to another movie with your final shot.
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